What is NMT?

Neuromuscular Therapy is a series of massage-based techniques, honed with palpation, to source pain by deactivating trigger points. 

What is a trigger point?

Overuse, misuse and abuse of one’s body can lead to development of trigger points; anywhere from acute traumas to cumulative patterns in our life, and emotional & environmental stressors. 

One is unable to feel a trigger point. Rather, it may be felt as a taut band or the “knot” in your shoulder. What is unique about trigger points is their exquisite tenderness and referral of sensation beyond the area of pressure being applied. When pressure is applied, trigger points may recreate your pain that brought you in for treatment. For example, pressure may be applied to a muscle in your neck, but the referral will create “your headache”. 

Why should I seek NMT?

You have pain, discomfort, limited range of motion and you may have had these symptoms anywhere from a few days to several years. It may be a mild to severe distraction to your daily living.

What should I expect?

If you see me specifically for an NMT treatment, I will conduct an initial evaluation. We will chat in order to get to know your story. Gathering  information, I will likely look at your stance & observe your movements. Before, during and after the treatment, I encourage questions and clear communication throughout. I feel strongly about client education and collaboration.

Therapeutic massage?

Yes, I offer this as well. I believe it is immensely valuable to receive a full body treatment. Therapeutic massage calms the nervous system and addresses anything from muscle tension to muscle strains. The massage experience may even further your understanding of how one region influences others. It can be an essential part of your self care.