“Bridget treated me following shoulder surgery, and her therapies were instrumental in bringing me back to health. I am certain my recovery would have been slower and more uncomfortable without her. She brings so much to each treatment: analysis, review of her prior therapies, and a deep understanding of the complexity of the human body. I always looked forward to a visit where I knew she would help ease the ache in my shoulder, expand its range of motion, and accelerate my shoulder’s healing. In the process, Bridget brought enormous relief to my spiritual self as well.”


“Thank you for your very thoughtful and holistic approach to understanding my discomfort and methodically working to address it. I am so grateful.”



“Bridget has wise hands.

She knows where to touch, how firmly and for how long.  I don’t think this is something that can be taught.  It is intuitive.  It is either exactly right – or it isn’t.  

Under Bridget’s wise hands my body healed from muscle tears, strains and constrictions.

I was amazed as my range of motion improved remarkably from the beginning to the end of a single session.

When a torn thigh muscle threatened my trip to hike the Inca Trail,  Bridget to the rescue!  Her work on my shoulder allowed me to go on a canoe trip.  

Bridget, I am forever grateful!”


“….I have suffered from shoulder pain for several years due to an injury, and have had several different therapists work on it. Bridget was the first person to take her time, really listen, and show genuine concern. I knew right away I found someone who sincerely wanted to help. During the session I was constantly amazed at her skills, which in my experience, are rare. She is strong, works hard, and is very thorough. I felt 10X better than I ever had after any treatment. Bridget is now my “go to” person, if and when I need a fix, and I highly recommend her to anyone experiencing chronic pain or discomfort.”