Artist and body nerd. I started my adulthood thinking about and creating art at Skidmore College. My great curiosity in the human body came about when low back pain grabbed my attention in my early twenties leading me to acupuncture and massage. The paradigm of investigating the source of the problem, rather than putting the band aid upon it, resonated with me.  


I attended Muscular Therapy Institute/Cortiva and completed that course of study in 2006. During that time, I was introduced to neuromuscular therapy and when the time was right, I attended further study and certified in the American version NMT, developed by Judith Delany. Along the way, I also certified in Manual Trigger Point Therapy, developed by Jan Dommerholt and Robert Gerwin. And currently, I am studying Precision NMT,  developed by Doug Nelson, which has honed my assessment skills. After working in a clinical environment outside Boston, I am know bringing NMT to areas beyond and within my community.


Having a solid base of anatomy and treatment of trigger points, I draw upon my background in art to offer a creative, outside the box approach, using curiosity in connecting the dots for both the acute and chronic pain client. I love collaboration; working with individuals to decrease their pain, reach their goals and offer possible modifications leading to positive health and wellness. 


I love working with individuals who are curious about their bodies, eager to make steps toward wellness and those who understand that there may be myriad factors involved in a body experiencing pain and also moving out of pain.


Volunteerism has been an important part of my life and family. Organisations for which I have volunteered: Dana Faber Boston Marathon, Pan Mass Challenge, Love Your Brain Foundation,

Zeno Mountain Farm & AccesSportAmerica. When not treating clients, I can be found dancing, cooking, gardening, painting, carving wood, quilting or exploring the world with my husband and two curious boys.